Some years ago now I set the transmit power of my Time Capsule to 25%, yet with various updates to the Airport Utility, the ability to reset that to something different was lost. The result? I crippled wireless network.

The solution in the past was to continue using Airport Utility 5.6, but with the upgrade to Mavericks and Yosemite, this was impossible.

Thankfully someone came up with a solution that, via a launcher that injects old system libraries upon opening, Airport Utility 5.6.1 can be used in Mavericks!

AirPort Utility 5.6.1 on OS X 10.9 Mavericks | Corey J. Mahler.

If you’re like me and still use Dashboard Widgets in Mountain Lion, as well as loved the widgets from Bjango (previously iSlayer) you may be disappointed to find that iStat Pro doesn’t show a list of running processes any longer.

Thankfully, the widget itself is mostly Javascript and the issue is actually very minor. In the two files, one for the “tall” view and one for the “wide” view, you simply have to insert a space at the particular points where the Process ID is searched for.

Details are in this post on MacRumors.

Via: Refined Robot.

<Branes> You know how bloody often people ‘d screw up their install by changing the shortname of their home folder in /Users?
<OzDave_mbp> ok
<Branes> Fix: make a symlink of their home folder, put the symlink at root level, then hide /Users completely :)
<OzDave_mbp> neat!
<Branes> Then they can change their home folder as much as they bloody well like
<Branes> changing the name of the symlink doesn’t reflect in the destination

In a post by Matthew Yglesias on Slate, he attempts to suggest that if Apple’s victory against Samsung would apply to cars, it would be bad for the consumer, suggesting a similar case in the car industry would, among other things, prevent manufacturers using steering wheels, for instance. This is a lousy analogy. Let me explain why.

The fundamental actions one does on a phone are not at stake here. Smart phones can have touch buttons, use a numerical touch pad to dial numbers, have a qwerty keyboard to input text, pop-up menus and all the other fundamental common features. What is being addressed here are software features that Apple spent years designing, such as pinch-to-zoom, which the big companies can simply licence from Apple or not use (it’s not like they can’t afford to). A better analogy would be Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, which, like Apple’s ideas, can be licensed. Does anyone attack Toyota for patenting their system?

If you want to see a world where companies like Apple cant take the huge risks they did to bring the iPhone to market, you only have to look at the world of PCs, where everything is pretty much a copy of everything else, and companies are were afraid to do anything unique until Apple came along and changed things with the iMac, or, more recently, the MacBook Air and iPad. In the PC world, companies were still making machines with very out-of-date VGA, PS-2 and serial ports for years after they were essentially redundant — because everyone else did so and they had no serious innovation (except increases in processor speed and hard drive size) to push them forward.

Even more telling was the phone market before the iPhone. The only interesting design that came out for years was the Motorola Razr, and the software for it has always been rubbish. We had to put up with being locked into whatever software came with the phone with no chance to get upgrades or new features without buying a new phone. While this is still true now, partially, the world of 3rd party software has exploded to a degree that may even exceed what is available for regular PCs, making it a moot point. This vast improvement has come about because of Apple taking huge risks. If companies weren’t allowed some sort of protection against their innovations being directly copied, we’d have little innovation at all, as everyone would just copy everyone else, and that would most definitely be a huge loss for the consumer.

As Google has pointed out, Apple’s win against Samsung isn’t about Android. If it wasn’t already obvious, it is about Samsung trying to steal from Apple’s successful ideas rather than make their own. We’ve already spent enough time, first with PCs and then with phones suffering from a lack of genuine innovation. That there is anyone out there who would rather go back to that time truly astounds me.

Conversation on IRC just now:

[03:43 AM] <marfin> so i have an iphone 4s
[03:43 AM] <marfin> and its blocked
[03:43 AM] <marfin> does anything unblock imei?
[03:43 AM] <marfin> redsnow or some shit?[03:45 AM] <summatusmentis> what do you mean blocked?
[03:47 AM] <marfin> imei is blocked by uk networks
[03:47 AM] <marfin> :(
[04:03 AM] <CPng|N> stop using stollen phones?
[04:13 AM] <summatusmentis> marfin: yeah, if it's blocked by the network there's nothing to do
[04:14 AM] <marfin> summatusmentis, nothing to do? no pwnage to change it?
[04:15 AM] <Currawong> marfin: do you think people here are going to help you with a stolen phone?
[04:15 AM] <summatusmentis> anything you'd be doing to change it would be illegal
[04:15 AM] <summatusmentis> that's not only against the rules of this channel, but of freenode (saying nothing about the laws in your country)
[04:16 AM] <CPng|N> stealing cell phones is pointless unless you just want to use them as ipods
[04:18 AM] <marfin> its not stolen
[04:18 AM] <marfin> i found it in a club last night
[04:18 AM] <marfin> it works in autralia at least
[04:18 AM] <marfin> so i need to move to perth now
[04:18 AM] <Currawong> so you found a stolen phone? 'sif
[04:18 AM] <marfin> guess so
[04:18 AM] <marfin> but i dont steal
[04:18 AM] <marfin> so kthx
[04:19 AM] <Currawong> so you admit you're too dishonest to hand it in?
[04:19 AM] <marfin> i woke up with it
[04:19 AM] <marfin> i was too fucked up to hand it in
[04:20 AM] <Currawong> you aren't fucked up now
[04:20 AM] <Currawong> go and hand it in. Or have you erased it already?
[04:22 AM] <marfin> your pussy is too dry to be riding my dick like this
[04:22 AM] <marfin> i havent erased it
[04:22 AM] <marfin> i guess i should hand it in
[04:22 AM] <Currawong> good on ya
[04:23 AM] <Currawong> you should be grateful. Karma is a bitch
[04:23 AM] <marfin> yes it is
[04:23 AM] marfin left the channel.